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As good as it looks

Art Direction
Packaging Guidelines

For the 2022 holiday season, Indigo, Canada’s biggest bookstore and self-proclaimed “world’s first cultural department store.” asked Weaymouth Creative to develop a beautifully festive, premium, and easy-to-implement packaging design system for all its gourmet products. With a vast network of international vendors supplying private-label confections, they needed to ensure brand consistency to tell a unified visual story across numerous products—from marshmallows to cocoa bombs, truffles and more! Available in multiple formats like tins, hang tags, boxes and more!

We were inspired by seasonal delights: poinsettia flowers, fresh wreaths and sweet candy canes. We illustrated a series of patterns in-house and crafted unique label designs with whimsical and decadent-looking typography to ensure our creative solution was distinct and stood out from other holiday-themed packaging on shelf. Gourmet food inspired the colour palette: berry reds, pistachio, vanilla and mint.

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The resulting design system makes for a premium-looking product with a package so beautiful it doesn’t even need wrapping.

To ensure every product produced looks as intended — regardless of its supplier — we developed design templates and a detailed but easy-to-follow packaging directive clarifying all the guidelines of the design system for gourmet food vendors to use across the globe.