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To boldly go

Piller’s Fine Foods
Art Direction
POS Materials
Social Media

Our long-time client, Piller’s Fine Foods, asked us to design a fun and distinct packaging system to launch their new, limited edition, bold meat snack flavours — inspired by the potato chip aisle. We also created a series of animated ads for social media to help launch the new snacks to market.

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Cheeky product names, a mix of bright colours with fun font combinations and high contrast photography flavour cues create a distinctly different look that almost bursts off the grocery shelf and speaks to consumers with adventurous taste buds.

Despite the divergence from the masterbrand look of other meat snacks, the Piller’s logo remains a prominent focal point—a symbol of credibility and trust. The product extension launched with three SKUs and the system is flexible enough to allow Piller’s to add innovative flavours at any time.

“Working with Weaymouth Creative on this project, which pushed the boundaries of our brand, gave us such confidence in our design choices.”

VP Marketing, Pillers Fine Foods

We led a creative team including a photographer, food stylist and prop stylist to capture custom photography of flavour cues for the packaging and for stop motion ads for a social media campaign. The animated ads bring to life the fun of each chip-inspired flavour while introducing the full lineup to consumers by asking, “What’s your flavour?”