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No alcohol, all fun

Lake of Bays Brewing Co.
Art Direction

Since 2016, Lake of Bays Brewing Co., an all natural craft brewery in Muskoka, Ontario, has relied on Weaymouth Creative to design eye-catching beer cans that communicate its love of the great outdoors and build brand loyalty. In 2023, in response to demand from sober-curious consumers, we were asked to develop a new sub-brand for their non-alcoholic offering to be sold at major grocery stores and online retailers.

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Armed with research, we developed the brandmark for Near Zero, and created a distinct visual style for the sub-brand that expresses the fun of exploring Muskoka’s natural surroundings. We chose prominently white packaging to reflect the light nature of the non-alcoholic beer, and to easily differentiate it from their colourful core lineup of alcoholic craft beers.

Positioned as a fun and approachable, the look for the sub-brand came to life through a series of whimsical illustrations featuring iconic outdoor activities—woodland creatures and camping gear—each colour-coded to differentiate various flavours/beer styles.

We designed convenient 4-packs, which carry forward the fresh, fun design which stands out from competitors on shelf in this increasingly growing market.

“We continue to be surprised by the Weaymouth team’s creativity. From a single can to a whole sub-brand, they deliver exciting ideas our consumers love.”

President & CEO, Lake of Bays Brewing Co.